About Us


With our know-how and previous property management experience, we brainstormed a new vacation rental business model: one where we own the portfolio of homes and manage them.

When both a homeowner and property manager are involved, the process gets bogged down. Our model cuts out the middle man. Communication with guests is a breeze, and we have complete control of both the home and the guest experience.

In short, this creates seamless, cut-above vacations.


1. Find a vacation-rental-ready home. The journey starts with finding just the right property to transform into a vacation rental. Not every home fits the bill; it takes more than just buying a home and dressing it up. When we look at homes, we consider what matters to our future guests: location, floor-plan, amenities, bedroom sizes and privacy.

2. Learn – and improve – every corner of the properties. Once we make a purchase, we get to know each home like the back of our hand. This lets us help you choose just the right vacation rental for your needs, whether you’re traveling with family, friends or business colleagues. All our rentals are outfitted with top-of-line furniture, electronics and accessories to make you feel right at home.

3. Create quality experiences. During each of our pre-arrival inspections, we are proactive and look for the little things that will make a big impact on our guests. We have lives outside work, too, and understand guests don’t want to waste precious vacation time dealing with issues. That’s why we address them right away!


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